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August 2001
Translation of the article:
"The men in my life..well there aren't that many of them. My first kiss was with Brad, during the summer holiday before I went to highschool. He wore braces...And in the school band where I had to practice for everyday there was a boy with a 'Robert-Smith' haircut and a libido out of control. I really had to push him away from me! I also had a harmless form of 'the groupie-disease'. I was making out with the keyboardplayer of Fishbone, but when he started to want more then just that I dumped him. He was pretty pissed off about that by the way.
Then I met Tony during his audition for no doubt. He wore white sandals and long wide white pants. He had his hair up very funky, kinda like Prince. I had a thing for mysterious men, and he has a dark sence of humor...for almost eight years we were inseperatable, but the relationship got kinda out of balance. I saw us growing old together and he wanted more space. He eventually ended up staying with me longer then he really wanted. February '96 we went on tour with Bush. It was supposed to be a three week tour, but it ended up being almost three months. And on the third day of the tour I was sure about it: I was head over heals in love with Gavin. I actually didn't want another musician, but oh well.. how big is the chance that I meet a decent 'normal' guy, who will love me for who I am and not because of my money? We often say to eachother;'hey sexy, give me a kiss!'..just like 'regular' people do. When we're together we don't think about work and we can have fun and be ourselfs. Our first summer together was the hottest summer of my life, litteraly and figutarively speaking. It was my 'Summer of love'. Gavin is the man of my dreams; he's so romantic that it can drive you crazy. And in additon to all that he had a great body. Eventhough I don't really kick on that usualy...."