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Little No Doubt related things.

"Thing" Description

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Keyring Keyring
with the same photo of Gwen on both sides.

Keyring Keyring
with a picture like the one on the left

Keyring frontKeyring back Keyring
fairly bigger than the one above, with 2 different sides.

Keyring Keyring
1.75" across

Keyring05.jpg (5074 bytes) Keyring

Keyring06.jpg (6089 bytes) Keyring

Keyring04.jpg (5811 bytes) Keyring

Button Button

Button Button

Button Button
measures 1" across

Button Button

Button Button

Button Button

Stamp Stamp
A complete stamp set from the Jewish Republic with one stamp of No Doubt

Bra Gwen Stefani's blue bra from MTV's VMA's
this is the exact same bra top that Gwen wore at MTV's 1998 Video Music Awards. The only difference is that she added gems to hers.
But this is made from the same company that Gwen got hers from. The bra is a small. I think it will fit an A or B cup easily. It has 2 ties. It ties around you and on your neck.

Clock Custom made No Doubt clock that measures 7 1/2" square and requires an AA battery to operate

Bag.jpg (37581 bytes) Bag with the release date of the "Return of Saturn" album on it

streetsign.jpg (9396 bytes) No Doubt streetsign