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1997 KROQ 106.7 CALENDAR

Each month the calendar has a different photo of your favorite KROQ artist as listed in the below photo list. It is also filled with the names and birthdays of all your favorite music performers each month.... Plus, if you have ever wondered what the folks over at KROQ look like, it includes photos of them all in the center pages of the calendar... This is a really cool item to have and the photos alone in it make it worth having...

1997 Calendar Photos
January: Bush / Natalie Merchant
February: Soundgarden / Rage Against The Machine
March: the Cranberries / Counting Crows
April: The Offspring / Hole
May: Live / Alanis Morissette
June: Nirvana / 311
Middle Section: KROQ Staff
Various KROQ Music Group Fan Clubs
KROQ Contact Info. & Concert Seating
July: Garbage / Alice in Chains
August: Pearl Jam / Beck
September: The Cure / REM
October: Nine Inch Nails / Porno foe Pyros
November: No Doubt / Stone Temple Pilots
December: Red Hot Chili Peppers / Tori Amos

The image is of the front of the calendar, bit its only about 1/2 of the calendar. So thats why the image may look strange.